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Time-pass activities will always be there, but once you cross the age-limit, there is no restart button. NIOS material for economy free download link bottom Mrunal. So this is quick and easy. The serial number is I am also looking for an excellent late Curta II,complete with box, original literature to use everyday, as well as a Curta I with all of its literature and box to round off my collection.

I am looking also for a complete Curta I in box with case, all original literature. Also I would like to obtain a lether rally case as well.

Agreements and dispute between countries for some border, island etc. Bought from Bryan Halladay in England and was used in rallying. Once parliament is finished, move to State legislative assembly.

Then come back and resume the chapter on parliament. Fill in the blanks etc Just go through the old papers, and solve them yes you should actually write the answers in blank papers at home, for practice. This is in excellent used condition. I will use this one for rallying as it is the correct type in age for my vintage SCCA rally car.

If it is number based, then depending on your proficiency and luck it may be very easy question for example Find odd man: Although not much is asked from It and Most of that stuff is already covered under my economic survey chapter summaries: How to prepare the Essay?

Defense The questions about various missiles, DRDO technology, joint-military exercises with other countries. Revise his book, minimum 3 times. Development council Now Centre State relation and Interstate relations.

It may take you five seconds, it may take 5 minutes. Usually a set of questions.

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Misc GK It involve sports, awards, books-authors, persons in news and all other stupid infinite trivial database. Then read on Emergency provisions. Interstingly it fits into a second "Curta Cup" that I have obtained that is used to mount the calculator to a clipboard for the rally navigator to use, but my first year production Curta II will not fit into the same cup.

I am learning to use it competently in historic rallying of my MGB Roadster. A lot of topics that happened from upto Marchare already compiled in the following article http: Ultimately Appendix for union-state-concurrent list, table of precedence etc.

But at times it can be difficult and may require lot of trial and error for example ?:: It is worth 2 hours and marks. Read whatever chapters are remaining. I have located a "Curta cup" which attatches the Curta to a clipboard for rallying. Primary source India Yearbook chapter number 3 and SN SN I own a Curta II in a plastic case, serialwith instruction leaflet and a copy of the yellow computations manual.

So you can practice them or atleast brainstorm for ideas about how to write them home.

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This one has a metal zeroing ring. No separate preparation is necessary. Essay can be on variety of topics, so ideally you need to keep reading newspapers, magazines, and some good books from library on regular basis.

Move to next question. After some months, you have good fodder points on almost every topic. This rule applies to all competitive exams. I have also located a "Curta cup" for a Curta I as well.

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