Case study on motivation with solution

Money Mustache January 28,9: There is a Nederland in Colorado? Sometimes zoning rules prohibit a bathroom in an outbuilding.

Reply KMB February 7,8: The sanitary line that you ran from your house makes this almost an accessory dwelling unit. I passed the follow up and the framing inspection, which also looks at all sorts of garage-specific details.

Good learning experience on all counts. My city Mpls has a nice pdf sheet that outlined the permits process and necessary documentation, which helped a lot. Reply Stephane February 1,2: Nederland is the correct dutch name for the Netherlands, so apparently some dutch guys a few hunderd years ago travelled across the world, came to this lake in colorado, got homesick lots of lakes in the Netherlands and decided to call the region after his homecountry!

Reply Paul January 24, If not, were they discussed and intentionally avoided?

A DIY Case Study: Building a Fancypants Detached Studio

Me and my husband are considering this. I checked the Longmont code and, much to my surprise, ADUs are allowed in almost every residential district.

I even went as far to price kits, which are a little high, but not outrageous for such a cool space. Then stuffed R fiberglass batts into those same cavities to finish them out efficiently.

Reply Colin Weir January 24, Reply Do c Tim January 26,8: While I was renovating that space, I took some debris to the dump and found a jackhammer that I fixed up.

As someone still working I find when I look at my takehome per hour and think of the amount of paid work needed to fund something DIY seems more attractive on top of the fun of learning how stiff works. Reply Josh January 24, There are setback rules, minimum 50 feet from a road, 10 feet from a side or back boundary, 75 fet from a brook and feet from a pond or lake.

Reply CapitalistRoader January 24, When did the inspections take place? That would be a good place to start if you are in a bigger city? Sorry, but I did not notice if you factored in the time of other people that they offered out of friendship or the fact that they think this is kinda cool also?

I screwed up my footer placement and failed inspection. Way to go for building something so badass! Nice job, really impressed at your labor total. Money Mustache January 25,9: Kyle January 24, After quitting my job last summer I redid a unused space under our addition, it helped me clear a lot of things out of my garage so I have plenty of space, and can even keep my firewood in the garage for the winter.

For the help from friends, I did a mixture of bartering time and paying certain people. What thickness of plexiglass? Picky Pincher January 24, Reply Mauro January 27,9: I have come to love small spaces and great design and have even considered putting a small studio like the one you built in our backyard.

Reply financialfreedomsloth January 25,1: Reply David January 24,4:Here is the final form, filled with rebar, radiant heating tubes, and even rough-in plumbing for a possible future small bathroom just in case.

Case study on motivation with solution
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